Looking to invest or find a new home? We bring a unique set of experiences to this search. Paul can tell you:

  • whether a house is over- or under-priced;
  • what you’d need to spend beyond the sale price for structural, functional or aesthetic changes; or
  • whether your investment in that property is a good idea—including the market trends in that area.

Paul’s experience as both a real estate agent and home builder/remodeler enables him to answer these questions and many others. The result? Happy home buyers. See for yourself by reading our testimonials.

In addition, Paul can help you answer the tricky question of whether a certain set of renovations will increase the market value of a house enough to cover renovation costs and make a profit. In this way, he can help you make a highly educated decision in choosing a Denver-area investment property. Since we’ve bought a number of our own investment properties, we won’t advise you to take a chance on a house unless we would do it ourselves.

You can read more about our advice for homebuyers here.

Call or email today to explain your situation and have Storey Real Estate & Construction start the search.

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