Many people have a hard time looking at a house and seeing what it could be, instead of what it looks like right now. But after years of remodeling houses, Storey Real Estate & Construction has developed expertise in this area. Paul majored in architecture for part of the time he was in college, and he has been sketching ideas for houses (and drawing working blueprints for his father) since he was in the eighth grade! He has that rare ability to see what something could be and loves the problem-solving aspect of remodeling. In addition, he has years of experience to be able to know things like which walls are probably load-bearing and which could be moved (although he checks with a structural engineer to be sure), where to cluster bathrooms so that the new plumbing costs will be lower, and whether or not a walk-in closet is a good idea for a house in this price range. He keeps up with the latest trends in architectural magazines and by touring trendy neighborhoods and homes for sale. He takes pictures of finishes and details he likes in restaurants, stores and homes that he visits. This wealth of expertise and passion for good design is something that Storey Real Estate & Construction can share with you, to help you create the home or income property you’re looking for.

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Gallery of Before & After Shots

Paul remodeled this house on Clarkson Street near Swedish Hospital in Denver in 2013.

clarkson_living_before before

clarkson_living_after after

clarkson_kitchen_before before

clarkson_kitchen_after after

clarkson_kitchen_before_2 before

clarkson_kitchen_after_2 after

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