Many people believe that listing their home with a large real estate firm is the best way to sell a house—because after all, they’re going to have more effective marketing and advertising, right?  They may tell you that they can get you more for your home, and may quote you a price that entices you to sign a listing agreement.  But be careful! Sometimes agents looking for listings will say that your home is worth more than it will actually bring, in order to get your business.  Then, after months on the market, they may advise you to lower the price.  When a home is over-priced from the beginning, often it ends up selling for less than it would have had it been priced competitively from the beginning—and it may take longer to sell.

In the end, you need accurate answers to two questions:

1. What’s your house really worth?

2. How can you make it worth more?

Storey Real Estate & Construction understands that a home’s value is based on much more than aesthetics or comparable sales prices — it’s about what’s inside, underneath, and behind the scenes. Because we do both real estate and construction, we have the expertise to fully and accurately assess your home’s value from the inside out and tell you what improvements will help it to sell quickly at the highest value. Read more tips and advice at our FAQ for home sellers. Or, contact us to talk about listing your house.

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