Open houses don’t sell homes

There is a popular misconception out there that open houses are a good way to sell a house, and that a listing broker who’s doing his or her job should be having an open house. In actuality they are not a good idea. In fact they can even be counter-productive, making it harder to sell […]

How Much Is Your House Worth?

A house is worth whatever a buyer will pay. Despite its simplicity, there’s a good measure of truth to this answer. But it’s a little more complicated than that, in part because what buyers will pay is influenced by what lenders will lend, and because sometimes it’s necessary to determine the value of a house […]

Should You Rent or Buy?

Whether to buy is a big question. Are you ready to make this investment? Will you be able to obtain the financing? Are there properties available in your price range in the neighborhoods you like? These are all questions that I can help to answer. How do you know whether and when to buy or […]

How to Choose a Contractor

Let’s say you want to do some home remodeling or repair or finally build that addition you’ve been planning for years. Who will you call to do the work? Finding an honest, reliable and conscientious contractor can be as challenging as finding a mechanic you can trust. Where to begin? Obviously, you can call friends […]