Remodeling FAQs

Q: How much does a typical kitchen remodel cost?

A: It depends, but it’s almost certainly worth it. Kitchen and bath remodels are typically the most expensive rooms to remodel but provide some of the biggest returns on your home’s value. The trick is to figure out how large of an investment makes sense based on your budget and your ideal kitchen.

Q: What constitutes an over-improvement?

A: Anything that returns less in home value than the cost of the improvement. That’s the easy answer. The hard part is in the details. Usually, you want to look at the neighboring houses and ask yourself whether your house is better or worse in comparison. If you’re noticing that most otherwise-comparable houses have two more bathrooms than you do, maybe it makes sense to add one.

Q: How do I find a knowledgeable and reputable contractor to work on my house?

A: Get referrals. When it comes to home improvements and remodeling, small, independent contractors still dominate the field. Start with your friend-of-a-friend network, or try an online service like Angie’s List, or check my list of recommended contractors. Neighborhood online social networks can also be helpful.