Selling Your Home

Storey Real Estate & Construction understands that a home’s value is based on much more than aesthetics or comparable sales prices — it’s about what’s inside, underneath, behind the scenes, and what’s happening in the local market. Paul brings extensive experience, as well as a skill at appraising a home’s value, which is essential to pricing a home correctly.

Because we have years of experience in both real estate and construction, we have the expertise to fully and accurately assess your home’s value (not just what you want to hear) and to advise you about what improvements will help it to sell quickly at the highest value.

When we list your home we will help you price it right, clean it up; and stage it right.  It’s essential to get the price correct, as well as the improvements needed. Many people wonder if it would be better to “test the waters” at a higher price, then lower the price if it doesn’t sell.  On the contrary, a house that is overpriced tends to sell for a lower price (and after a longer time) than had it been priced appropriately from the beginning, since buyers begin to wonder “what’s wrong with that house?” when it hasn’t sold as quickly as others on the market.

Read more tips and advice at our FAQ for home sellers. Or contact us to talk about listing your house.